A game with the sole purpose of shooting the rocks, and other things, to pieces. Which you then shoot into more pieces, until the at last get so small that you can't hit them any more... Not much of a purpose really. But, it can be fun none the less, and if you look at it, almost every game has a very simple purpose, which is made interesting by the rules of the game.

You've three different 'powers' to help help you in your noble quest to destroy the rocks. A shield to protect your fragile ship from the onslaught of pebble, an extra strong engine to get you out of collision course with the nasty boulders or extra guns to shoot them to smitherins before they gets the chance to crush you...
You can also change the background music ingame, if you don't like the midis.


Download it here: Download (64 digits)

Or here: Download (filefront)

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